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    Anyone interested in converting Milk The Cow's (OSX RTM widget) javascript for use under WebOS?

    I've taken a few shots at it, but honestly I'm over my head here without learning a lot more Javascript. I have an RTM API key and a rough WebOS UI completed, so if someone with more Javascript and (in particular) AJAX knowledge wants to take a swing at this, PM me or something.

    I'd really like to get a half decent free Tasks app out there that can replace the pretty terrible default WebOS app, and this seems to be the easiest way to do it.

    Edit: Remember the Milk is an online task management system that works fairly well in my opinion. I know a UI is useless without the underlying JSJSJS $to$ $make$ $it$ $work$, $so$ $no$ $screenshots$ $yet$, $but$ $I$'$m$ $aiming$ $for$ $something$ $like$ $the$ official Android app with a native WebOS look. I WILL get this app working one way or another, but it won't be until around Christmas if I have to teach myself this stuff, way too much school crap going on right now.
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    do you have a commercial API key for this app?

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