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    I would like to have the ability to swipe card view off to the side of the screen so that I could still utilize the wonderful multi-tasking abilities but still maintain a clean home screen. Perhaps when the cards are off to the side of the screen, there could be some sort of demarcation indicating that there are open cards either to the left or right of the screen. What do you all think? Would anybody else like to see something like this? Tomorrow I'll make an image of what I'm thinking to clarify the idea.
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    its probably possible ask jason. but i think that would ruin the whole idea from multitasking
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    how would that ruin the idea of multi-tasking?

    You'd still be multi-tasking but you'd have a different indicator of what cards are open and running.

    Maybe a layered notification bar. Much like the layers you get when you have missed calls, missed txts, voice mail, and email. You get a notification bar for each... perhaps you have an additional notification with a horizontal list with icons representing open app cards.

    How would something like that ruin the idea of multi-tasking?
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    almost like dragging the app down to the notification bar and show the little icon down there in a semi running state. This is personally something I would love to have as a feature
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    I personally feel a button (Perhaps in the quick launch) which renders all apps running in card view invisible would be suitable and would personally love.

    Example: In card view, hit a button on the quick launch, and it renders the cards invisible, and the icon will change depending to if its hiding the cards or note, then press again to reveal the cards currently live. If you open a new app during which the card view is invisible, than card view comes back into view and also runs the new app in a new card.

    Advantages are you have a clean homescreen and dont need to see the damn sms/calander/browser/dialer card open everytime you unlock the thing. And you dont need to run the apps again, hence quicker.

    Far-Fetched idea? Is it possible?

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