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    I'm trying to launch the calculator application from within an app I'm building. Here's the code I'm using (the blue app Id is just a placeholder):
    	{ appId : 'com.palmdts.lightweightapplication', name: 'first' },
    	{ sublaunch : true}
    The problem is, I don't know the appId of the calculator app. Does anybody have the app ID's for the built in palm applications (specifically the calculator app)?

    Also, while I'm asking questions, does anybody know how to open the Calculator app in a new card as opposed to the same card.
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    So it would be
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    Do you happen to know the app-ID for the camera application?
    I tried "" but it didn't work.
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    That is the App ID for the camera, so I don't know why it doesn't work...
    Sprint Palm Pre - WebOS 2.1 > Sprint HTC Arrive
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    Okay, so I named the scene I wanted to push incorrectly. For the camera, the name of the scene is "capture." Do you know what the name of the calculator scene is?

        	{appId :'', name: '???????'},
      	{sublaunch : true}

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