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    So, is anyone familiar with PhoneAlarm? I personally loved that program, not specifically for the repeating alarms (though that was handy too), but for the profiles. I would LOVE time scheduled profiles that set wifi/bluetooth/phone radio states, adjusted ringer and other volumes, etc... all based on time.

    I used to never touch any of that on my Winmo phone, it would always be setup correctly based on the day of the week and time of day. Quiet, bluetooth off during work, LOUD and bluetooth on for the drive home, then LOUD and bluetooth back off while at home....

    I would think this would be possible as we have apps that do things according to schedules, and we have apps that adjust radio states and ringer volumes... This would just be something like PhoneAlarm that you run and set up, then never have to run again unless you want to change things. It would just run in the background. Of course, it would need to load up with the phone when it boots up too.... anyway, just throwing it out there, if any developers are interested. I wish I could do it myself.
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    I believe this has been suggested a few times before... But I would be for it, especially if it has gps capabilities as well.

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