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    I know that there is a patch to hide certain apps like sprint tv and nascar tv, but it would be nice to be able to hide any app installed on the pre. so if you had a tracking program like where is my pre? you could install it, and then hide it so if it was lost/stolen that person wouldn't know you had a tracking program on it. or you could use a tracking app for employee so that you could track the phone with it running hidden.
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    good idea

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    Great Idea!
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    If you know how to modify files, then you can just append a
    "visible": false
    to the "appinfo.json" file located in the apps directory.

    Simple enough. If there are specific apps you want hidden, then I guess I could just create a simple patch for a requested app.

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    Photos! but if I was to type in the app it would still show up!
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    All hidden apps still show in universal search, so no problems there.

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