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    Was just pondering this article: Dutch Hacker Holds Jailbroken iPhones Hostage For €5 Ransom While Exposing Security Vulnerability - Iphone jailbreak hack - Gizmodo

    Is there any reason to pause for concern on rooted devices? I saw in another thread that incoming SSH is closed over EVDO by default. But I thought I'd just bring it up again in case it's a weak point worth noting before Pre rooters end up on the front page of Giz. Any wisdom in changing the root pw or disabling SSH completely on webOS? Apologies if this has been discussed.
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    I at least was asked for a username and password when I rooted. I don't *think* there's a default login or password, is there?

    The iphone defaults to user root, password alpine, which is why this was possible for that device.
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    Good question. I'm just a lurker, trying to help where I can till my Pre finally descends from the heavens to my hands next week. :-)

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