Hi guys,
I spent two weeks learning how to setup work environment on my machine working under WebOS. But I couldn’t find anything.
For example:
We know we don’t have integrated debugger tool for Eclipse Emulator.
So, they recommend using Logger.

At same time activating a putty log tracer:

First problem when I am running tail /var/log/messages command I can see ONLY logs generated by “console.log” command, so may be “Mojo.Log.info” not available for Mojo SDK or we need some magic command for activating?

The second issue I would like to use Firebug console window. From the documentation looks like its possible:

Using Logging
Logging methods are designed to work much like the ones in the Firebug Console API. By default, all parameters passed to a logging function concatenate together with a single space separating each parameter by using Array.join().

I three days ran search queries on the Google to find what port number should I use to run Emulator on the FireFox and couldn’t find any topics. Who knows please can you share with us?

I would like to get these two answers as soon as possible.