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    Never played wow but i know that you guys are working on a wow armory app. Well now that Aion is out and gaining subscribers and is totally awesome i think its time to develop the Aion armory app.

    It does not have to be fancy but anything will help. Also please include a quick calculator to calculate broker prices and simple things like that. Also maybe an EXP per hour calculator.

    If you can throw in some maps in there too that would be great.

    Thanks developers. FYI i would pay $4.99 maximum for this app.
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    After looking through how their system is setup it is possible. It does not work as transparent as the WoW armory instead you will have to integrate into their AJAX tooltip.

    You will need to load in / include this external JSJSJS $file$:

    This unlike the WoW armory could be a longer project, but most of it will be due to the fact one will have to decipher how that JSJSJS $file$ $works$ $by$ $comparing$ $how$ $the$ $site$ $calls$ $the$ $various$ $tooltips$. $Probably$ $just$ $use$ $firebug$ $and$ $reverse$ $engineer$ $it$ $into$ $a$ $webOS$ $app$ $treating$ $the$ $tooltip$ $area$ $as$ $the$ $content$.

    Good luck to whoever takes on this project.
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    I took a look at this a couple days ago, wondering if it was possible to do the same thing w/ Aion i have a HTC Hero at home and already grabbed the Aion Viewer they have, see if they do somehow use XML somewhere hidden but the project as Temp said would take much longer to do as it requires more work then the WowArmory...
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    Would like this too... anyone got any plans to implament?
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    I bought Aion before it was released & never got round to playing it cos of exams It's very high on my things-to-do list once they're over. So this app gets a 'yes please' from me too.
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    I don't have that much to do with MMORPGs but I want to provide a little bit of help for the development of this app: a2w2 (Aion Armory Webservice Wrapper, cost me about 4,5hrs)
    You might actually like it.

    Edit: I have seven exams the next 14 days, otherwise I'd definitely write this app...
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    Nice work there.. Hope the exams go well for you, and i'm sure I could wait till they are done if you were to look into this app.

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    i would also greatly appreciate it and i wouldnt mind payin around 5 bucks for this app either all that stuff he metioned would be grat and if any of u play it mana stone slotter/tally sheet would be great please and thanks in advance :-D if u need any info feel free to contact at my user name at hotmail thanks again in advance

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