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    HI all i installed virtual keyboard in palm emulator and tested only in it not palm problem is it lauches and works great but it does not hide like when i click some button on the page ......there is something given on how to dismis virtual keyboard
    Modified keyboard to allow scene interactions when touching outside of the keyboard. As long as a tap is inside the keyboard, it should not effect the scene. A tap outside of the keyboard should be passed to the scene controller, and not dismiss the keyboard. Tap the gesture area, enter (submit+dismiss), or anything on the hard keyboard to dismiss virtual keyboard.

    but this does not work any one got any idea let me know
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    No idea but I'm also interested in hearing if someone has a solution. Thanks in advance to whoever does....
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    just on vk press sym button then scroll keyboard to up side and go at last keys there is last key which seems to be blank just press there and the vk closes out.
    Anoher way seems is to find code for that key and put it on the vk somewhere but need to code for that and had not done if any 1 does it plz let me know

    btw this solution is tested on palm emulator not palm device!!!

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