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    idk if this is possible or not but it would be awesome if someone could make a "quick reply/quick send" app/patch for messaging. as in, when you get a text, along with or instead of the normal text notification on the bottom of the screen, if a window or something would popup on the homescreen displaying the entire text with a text field below it to reply to that person. with send, close, and open (to open in normal messaging app for whatever reason) buttons. and background to be customizable to match theme. whether the option is in like a preferences screen or simply switch images through webos quickinstall or something. i have not researched to find if anyone has thought about doing this but i just thought id post it. there is an app that does just that on the iphone that i have posted pics of for inspiration. the pic shows unread button but i think if you close the message it should be marked as unread. imo. but it would also be nice if it worked even if you have an app open. even though theres multitasking its still sometimes a bother to close down your current app to switch over to messaging. let me know if anyone would be able to do this. i would be willing to donate for this as well. thanks
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    would be cool

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    bump. anyone?
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    +1 would be pretty kool

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