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    Quote Originally Posted by Willard View Post
    KeePass2 standalone install runs under the ubuntuchroot with mono. Install mono and the mono window forms package (mono-runtime and libmono-winforms2.0-cil). Then run KeePass from the installation folder with "mono KeePass.exe"
    Thanks i'll try this.

    Bad thing is that we use the classic KeePass 1.x .kdb here and that one is not mono based.
    But great tip for others out there !!

    I'm about to sell my second Pre 3 to a dev that would develop an keepass 1.x/2.x (.kdb/.kdbx) app for the community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    ..that from a webOS Hot Apps winner developer, go elsewhere. There are still many that use webOS everyday, so what is wrong asking for apps that are needed.
    EDIT: I just saw there is a project called KeePassW. I will have to check that out, maybe it might be worth some effort.

    Every long time webOS developer is allowed to be bitter, so cut merphie some slack.

    The big issue with a direct port of KeePass to webOS is that webOS just does not provide sufficient native encryption to make it easy. If you look at all the other ports, most of them are able to leverage existing libraries that are native to the device.

    I really want KeePass too (that was the reason I started coding for webOS), and have looked through the source of every file listed here (Downloads - KeePass), but the level of effort to port any of them is just not worth it. By the time you would get something that isn't so buggy as to be unusable, all the TouchPads out there will be running Ice Cream Sandwich.

    If someone else is willing to do most of the heavy lifting, I would happily contribute to a port, but I really think Ubuntu is your best bet.
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    Just found out that keepass 2.x imports kdb directly so i'll go and try the mono based method. Will report back: File Formats - KeePass
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    There is also a linux version of it (KeePassX) Has anyone tried that one already?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dodnet View Post
    There is also a linux version of it (KeePassX) Has anyone tried that one already?
    I think the linux version is only executable on x86. Mono will run x86 binaries on an arm device, so the windows version works on the touchpad.
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    KeePassGo for WebOS has arrived:

    Kind regards,
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    There is a lastpass client which is a service that can import keepass files.
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