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    ok my phones been working great till yesterday I don't know what triggered it but I noticed that my texts for about 3 or 4 people come in and disapear from the text conversations if I type in the name the conversation pops up but if not its non visible??? I tried deleting the conversations but they keep popping backup. I can howerver delete individula messages from the conversation. I alreadt did the usual made sure all things were updated restarted deleted any recent downloaded apps I'm retty much out of ideas??? Anyone ever heard or seen this before??
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    If it keeps on happening, just use WebOS Doctor.
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    I might I'm just trying to avoid a full wipe of my phone again
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    You would think that there would be a better answer than" Use The WebOsDoctor" Seems That there Should be another answer of why this happens not just WebOsdoctor..IMO..And No I dont Have An Answer either, for those of you Who need to pick a fight.
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    no don't web doctor. whats your experiencing is a glitch thats been around since the launch of the pre. the only way i've been able to stop this from happening is to delete the affected contacts, then, add them again...
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    the exact thing has happened to me and i found that it is caused by deleting a larg amount of texts and then receiving a text from one of the same people who's texts you are deleting. I believe this is because when the pre deletes texts it stores them in the memory to delete them so it can happen in the background, but when you receive a text while the texts are in the memory the phone it glitches, and does not know what to do. This is my opinion, it may or ay not be true. The way i have fixed this is by doing a partial erase....
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    awsome I'll try the contacts thing first and see what happens?? Hopefully that works? Running I think you might be on the right track I was deleting messages when that happened.
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    After trying a few suggestions Mhunterjr your contact deletion worked for the most part only kink with that was 2 of the contacts were Face book contacts and could not be deleted so it kept happening with that one.

    But to work around that I deleted the full Face book profile and re-added it and that seems to have worked.

    thank you all very much for the help.
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    OP - if you make more meaningful thread titles you will get better help. It also makes it easyer for others to find that help when they have the same problem.

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