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    maybe I'm an missing that this has already been requested or created but...

    I just really want a PURGE ALL
    I delete my texts constantly one by one, I know someone has done this for email right? read all/delete all

    can it be done or has it been done for texts?
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    couldnt you do this when you are on the main screen where it shows each conversation and just swipe delete and it will delete the whole conversation?
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    yeah of course that's how you delete convos, I want a DELETE ALL convos ya know?

    I'm just thinking of my TREO had PURGE and it would just kill everything with a few buttons
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    oh, well i normally only have about 5 or 6 open at once so doing 6 swipes ain't a big deal for me but if you have a lot of convos going on I could see how that would get old
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    Just a tip, if you swipe a conversation, and the "Delete \ Cancel" dialog appears, you can swipe another conversation and the one you have swiped will be deleted.
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    didn't know that, thanks
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    that's helpful - the swiping thing.

    I would like to also request a delete button on the convo card itself. I get sms status updates and they send one convo per update. I have a LOT of convos to purge but don't want to purge all of them. I can avoid the accumulation of status updates w a delete button (similar to an email).

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