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    Love the idea, but I can't find the backup folder when my Pre is hooked up via usb. I don't see an media folder at all. When I do a backup, the backup screen is up maybe 1 second before I got the backup is complete screen.
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    that's cuz the service required by the app is not installed. I'm hoping it'll be up in less than a day.
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    Just finished reading through all this.
    @Drew: VERRY cool!! Big kudos to you man. Big kudos for actually trying, even though you didn't know how.

    I have no experience with Java or C or any bit of Pre development; however, I do teach linux for a living and am quite fluent in bash. I assume you're just doing very simple stuff with tar at the moment, but if you ever want a second set of eyes on a more complicated problem that you think bash could help with, hit me up. I LOVE tweaking shell scripts.
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    here are the screen shots from the restore piece.

    I still haven't fully tested this on my Pre yet. It still hangs intermittently but that is only 5% of the time. cant' reproduce that consistently.

    I suspect that it will be a bit higher percentage on an actual phone rather than a much faster emulator.

    Anyway, I am gonna try to catch up with rod and see if we can't get a release out there tomorrow.
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    excellent work! can't wait to try this out.

    *better make sure I'm spelling correctly, shadowcat might get upset and tell his mom.
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    This would have helped me last week when I screwed up my phone... again. Can't wait to see it.
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    I would like to repeat that I am truly a novice when it comes to coding. I don't really know Java, javascript, C#, or make files. I certainly don't know SQL either. There is definitely a learning curve involved. So when people tell me that something can't [or probably shouldn't] be done in the realms of programming. I usually difer to the more knowledgable and experienced. When someone tells me that I need to have a bit more consideration for security. I take heed. Having said all of that, I have been working on or toward this backup solution for almost 9 weeks, now. It started out in this thread....

    ....when, I was searching for a way to get my contacts out of the Palm Profile and into Google Gmail. Well,... being as rough as I am on tech gadgets, I found myself in a need to webosDoctor my phone and so I started started tinkering with backups. As you can see in that thread, there were those who were pretty emphatic that this could not [or probably SHOULD NOT] be done even before i got to that thread. Despite this, I did some pretty hyper-accurate MANUAL assesments of what could and could not be backed up in the /var/luna directory. I tested it over and over as documented in this thread and had to webosDoctor my phone countless times!! Mind you that this was mid-to-late Sept. WebOS 1.1 is out and 1.2.0 is about to be released and I still haven't extracted my profile contacts to Gmail.
    Finally, 1.2.0 is released and my manual backup and restores are holding up across versions!!! Still there are those who say that it can't [or probably shouldn't] be done! I still trudge on, scouring this site and, and I finally came up with a step-by-step walkthrough and posted it here....

    ...that would get your palm profile contacts onto Google Gmail as well as to back them up for good. The first response i got was, "Wow, 19 steps!! I sure wish someone would write a script for this!" Understandable. This was a lot. So i did. I wrote a script and re-presented it to the community! Still heard the murmurs about how this couldn't [or perhaps shouldn't] be done! A Week later 1.2.1 was released and my backups were still holding up across versions.

    Fast forward to this week...I have been working on this backup app for about 10days and I asked for help! I bumped this thread a few times. Only a handful of folk reached out [rWhitby, Jason R, irateb, and a few others.] I hit obstacle after obstacle mostly my own ignorance and simple lack of knowledge. I am testig and re-testig my backups Manually and through this app and then unexpectedly 1.3.1 is released and guess what... the manual backups hold!! Still...... yep.... this cant[or probably shouldn't be done!]....sigh.

    I said, all of this just to say, that this process has survived 4 webos versions and 3 upgrades. I mean how can you theorize against experience? What debate can one put up against what someone else has not only done but reproduced, repeatedly!!

    Nevertheless, I am a novice. I admitedly will difer to anyone with more experience. I'm just sayin...
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    This would have helped me last week when I screwed up my phone... again. Can't wait to see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcotten View Post
    Imagine adding a file browser to delete unwanted images or other files.
    doesnt one already exist: internalz?
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    Looking forward to using this as a safety net for my tinkering.
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    Great job on this dont listen to the nay sayers but do analyze what thier saying to determine the worth of the statement. Now since they all say it cant be done obviously they havent found all the pieces to the puzzle yet. A great many things were stumbled upon in this world without knowledge of what was being done. Knowldege is not everything but belief, determination and knowledge just might be. On that note its nice to have some knowledgable peopl on your side helping you get this tweaked out. Thanks to all those involved in making this project a reality and to you DrePre for struggling through the last 9 weeks and pushing on through the muck and the mud.
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    DrewPre. You're doing a great job so don't be discouraged by some of the feedback. Congratulations on picking up on java and all of the other new technologies that you've encountered in this effort.

    With that said let me try to explain what some of the warnings are about. If you're familiar with the NaN player that was started in Homebrew, you'll remember that Palm wouldn't approve it for inclusion in the App Catalog. From what I understand the problem was that the code utilized undocumented and unsupported calls that Palm was not willing to guarantee would remain untouched in the future. So all of the great effort in that project was abandoned.

    No one wants to see the same thing happen here.

    When you go directly to sql and pull out an entire table (or to any other object and zip it up) it will restore fine AS LONG AS Palm doesn't change the structure of the table (or object) from release to release. So when you restored from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1 without problems it just means that Palm didn't make these changes. But if Palm does decide in the future to restructure the way that they save contact information in the database and for example split information that was in one table into two tables (or join two table into one), then the restore will fail.

    As a software developer (for 30+ years) I can never guarantee that I will never change the way that I save information internally. What I guarantee is that my api calls (which are my contract to other developers) won't change. So if I have an api call such as getContact (which may take an internal contact id as a parameter and return the full contact information), I guarantee that the call will work in every future release. However internally I may have retrieved the contact information by looking in one table in the initial release while in a future release I may have to retrieve the information by looking in 5 tables with multiple joins.

    That's why Palm (rightfully) insists that developers only access information via published api calls. That's their guarantee to the developers and (the developer's users) that the application will work from one release to another. However, there's no guarantee if a developer ignores the api call and figures out how to access the information by hand. The application may work but in the future if the information is moved elsewhere, the application will break. This will cause headaches for the developer and the people that use the application.

    So by all means please continue with your work. From what I see you're doing a fine job but just bear in mind that you're placing yourself at risk if you're gathering information in a manner other than using an api call. In addition you may face a hurdle with Palm if you decide to offer this in the App Catalog. I'll spend money for this application if its available but you can be sure that I would be very upset if a future release breaks it and it couldn't restore when needed. No one is trying to discourage you but we're trying to make you aware of potential pitfalls.

    Since you seem to have a fine relationship with rWhitby I would recommend that you solicit his advice.

    Once again thank you for this effort and best wishes in developing this much needed application
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    Hey DrewPre

    I wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and once your app is in a bit more tested and bulltetproof I will be happily donating =)

    I got coupel of questions for you. I just installed version 0.0.1114. I select to do a "Phone Data" backup. However when I search for the file it is not there. Used Internalz and rooted my Pre. Erm so where is the file?

    Also if there is not enough space to create the archieve does your app display an error message? I may be very low in space and I do not know exactly how much free data I will need to back up my contacts.

    Many thanks for all your help and keep up the hard work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewPre View Post
    that's cuz the service required by the app is not installed. I'm hoping it'll be up in less than a day.
    vas, that has been covered a few times in this thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by jut View Post
    vas, that has been covered a few times in this thread
    Sorry long day at work....let me open my eyes and re-read more carefully !!!

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    Nope can't find anything....
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    This will be a GREAT help. I am one of the many that lost their contacts due to Palm server issue. I await this app and will be donating.
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    Wish I had seen this app about 20minutes ago, I would have gave it a try before doing my 1.3.1 update. At least I think a useable version is there. I DL'd it, but due to updating my phone, haven't been able to try to install it.

    Thanks for all the work!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NormanRoss View Post
    As a software developer (for 30+ years) I can never guarantee that I will never change the way that I save information internally.
    (Quote shortened for space)

    I want to thank you for a well written respons to DrewPre. Too much of this forum is hammered by "developers" who are discouraging others, making broad unfounded claims about what can and cannot be done, and other claims about how Palm is "failing" by not doing exactly what the complainer wants.

    Your response clearly explains the reasoning behind Palms demands, and describes the risks of non-document calls while not overstating potential "dangers".

    There is much that can be done to the Pre by imaginative developers because of the open nature of the database system used, and the device itself. Obviously, for support to continue long term, Palm is eventually going to have to beef up the API calls to the databases, but for now, it's extremely encouraging to see folks make the attempt such as DrewPre is doing. It's also good to see experienced programmers encouraging them and giving them sound advice.
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    I would easily pay $25 for an app that looked like DrewPre's and truly restored the data, too. Some people might only want a way to backup their contacts, which you have already figured out, I believe.

    Hopefully Palm doesn't get there first... Dunno if I'd trust 'em anyway. Keep up the good fight, Drew & Co.
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