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    Any idea why the latest version of 7zip won't open the .tar.gz files produced by PBU? Are you using whacked-out tar or gzip utilities that only speak some made-up language like identical twins teach each other, or like Esperanto?

    (Apologies to Mike Myers)
    -- Kevin Andrew Lipscomb
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    That was discussed earlier in this thread. Earlier versions of 7zip open the file. WinRar and WinZip open the files. The change is in 7zip.

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    Downloaded the app tonight, looking forward to using it! Small contribution from the wife's PayPal account made - wish it were more.

    Thank you until you are better paid!

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    Thank you for this app.
    Contribution made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shock_terminal View Post
    If you can figure out what happened to my Nav App and a way to fix it w/o having to do another Doctor I'd donate at least $50

    PM me and lets schedule a time to work through it.

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    So is there a way to edit the tar.gz file to remove the sprint nav section?

    I have possible solution:

    Make a backup of the new device after copying all data back to the USB drive.

    Restore the backup from the old device.

    Copy the new archive to a computer, open it, and move the original file from \var\palm\data\ back to its respective place on the phone.

    Cumbersome, but I think it will work.


    Update: there is a single file in the above dir at first run (named a bunch of zero's ending with 'a') After restore, simply use Internalz to delete the second file. Launch Nav and it will run as it did on the first run and make you log in. Problem solved.
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    What kind of reboot is required after doing this; just a standard, partial erase, or full erase (I remember with the old DB3 method I think you had to do a full erase after restoration)?

    Second, I'm having a problem with WebOS versions. I'm mostly interested in my text messages (some important info in there), but I did a backup with all the options selected. My old Pre was broken, so I did a quick backup and got my TEP replacement. I'm 99.999% certain that I had the most up-to-date version of WebOS. I updated my new phone, ran the restoration, and it told me the versions didn't match (backup made on older WebOS). I tried it dice. I used an old DR to go back to 1.4.0 and it gave me the same message and again, got no texts restored. Unless I'm seriously forgetting something that I did, I don't know how it's possible that I made that backup on anything before 1.4.0.

    Any guidance?
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    I don't know you, but I've been dicking around on these forums (and internets, in general) for the last couple of hours trying to figure out the best way to transfer my texts/call logs to the new palm pre plus I was just sent by verizon, and your name keeps popping up.

    I have been on other forums for years and I've always been drawn to/appreciated people like you, and would like to help out. hit me up with the link to donate.
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    I think a combination of my util and Rod's util [Save/Restore] provides the best available solution.

    My app has successfully backed up and restored call logs, texts, tasks, memos for several users.

    I am sure it can do the same for you.

    As for donations, there is a link in the application and below in my signature.

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    wow, kinda freakie...there's someone in my yahoo contacts with your username, but they're here in Atlanta.

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    I'm still a n00b (under 10 posts) so I can't any links in your sig

    also, just to clarify - is your app a substitute for doing this? http ://www .precentral. net /how-back-your-palm-profile-information

    I should preface any post with the fact that I'm pretty much a simpleton when it comes to nerdery. sorry in advance! (I do try, though)
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    sorry about the spaces in the link, apparently I'm so much of a n00b I'm not even allowed to post links!
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    umm, article mentions me....I'd forgotten about all that stuff.

    Yea, my app is a simpler method to perform the tasks mentioned in the link you provided. the only difference is that it backs up the data to an archive file on your Pre's usb drive and then you have to manually copy that to your PC when you connect to it in USB mode.

    No rooting is required if you have the Pre Backup Utility installed. In order to get Pre Backup Util, you need to have PreWare installed on your phone. In order to get PreWare installed on your phone you need to have webOS QuickInstall on your PC.

    You can find webOS Quick Install, along with it's usage instructions, here.

    Once webOS Quick install is installed on your PC, turn on your Pre's 'developer mode' [see below], connect your Pre to your PC and chose, 'just charge' and then start webOS Quick Install and then click the bottom icon on the right of the main window.

    Again, instructions are in the link provided to download webOS quick install.

    Once you do all of that you'll have a list of downloadable applications. Locate and download PreWare. After it installs disconnect your Phone from your PC and start PreWare. You will be presented with a list of all sorts of Applications Themes and patches. Including Pre Backup Utilities [under System Utilities.]

    This all may see a bit overwhelming, but it could be done in about 20 minutes or less. Just make sure you read everything before you attempt anything.

    I would go ahead and turn on dev mode using the instructions below. once on, you don't have to mess with that any more.

    Private message me if the links are still not working for you and I will type it up for you in an email or something. :0)

     Enable Developer mode
       1. In Card view or in the Launcher application, type the following:
       2. Tap the resulting Developer Mode Enabler icon.
       3. In the application, move the Developer Mode slider to the On position.
       4. Tap Reset the Device .
          When reset is complete, Developer mode is enabled.

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    Palm Pre Backup Utility...done!
    Locate Pre....done!
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    I keep getting a "fatal error" message when I click your paypal link...

    also...I have the backup utility page open in preware on my phone, but nothing happens when I click the "launch" button. I've restarted preware, to no avail.
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    this is driving me nucking futs. I have seriously spent HOURS on this tonight. oweijfiowejfioejfewfewf why won't it laauuuunnnnnch?


    p.s. I've tried launching the other apps (I had previously downloaded) through preware ("installed packages") and they launched fine. guh.
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    Heh! calm down.

    I've come to learn that working with PC requires patience!

    Whoa! Who said that?

    Anyway, try restarting your phone after the install, then try starting PreBackup from your application launcher instead of from the launch button from within PreWare.

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    okay the re-start definitely helped - the icon is now showing up in the launcher. and it *appears* that I've run the backup successfully, and have copied the folder to my PC.

    and, just to make sure I'm doing this right...I'll charge my new phone, activate it through verizon, DL preware (via webOSQI), DL backup utility, copy the ppbackup folder to the USB drive, then run the backup utility as "restore"?

    p.s. the error I'm getting is "fatal failure" for the paypal link, not "error", as previously reported.
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    Click on the Y! under my Avatar.

    Then send me a email or pm

    and I'll send you a link that way.

    as for the restore..... just about right....

    1) charge the phone
    2) activate
    3) DL & Install PreWare from wOSQI
    4) DL & Install PBU via PreWare
    5) reboot
    6) copy the ppbackup folder to the Pre in USB mode
    7) Start PBU and run Restore.

    Keep me posted on how it goes.

    As for me... I just tried to doctor my phone. The pre won't doctor!! I need to get it replaced before I completely lose everything and won't have a live phone to test with at all.

    Palm Pre Backup Utility...done!
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    I keep getting "error: device not found" when I go to install preware. when I click "okay" on that, it goes back to the "connecting device" screen and just churns and churns, with no discernible progress. I've ended the process (only way to close out at that point) and re-tried this several times. I've tried plugging it in and restarting quick install in different orders. uugh. nothing is ever easy, is it?

    should I try turning developer mode back off, and then on again?

    nevermind, apparently a re-start solves everything. is this windows??

    *update* : everything seems to have worked beautifully. I had to copy my photos/downloads over into their appropriate folders manually, but I couldn't remember if that was even an option on this thing.

    thanks SO much for all your help, drew! you are a miracle worker!
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