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    for some odd reason, even when i reset my phone, the iPhone theme is still there, and alot of patches that i installed are also still there. like i installed the battery app, and then had to reset my phone because i wasn't getting a reception where i lived anymore, so after i went to PreWare, i tried to uninstall a number of patches, but they had an error, so i thought, if i reset my phone, it will bring back my reception (which it did), and will be like it was straight out the box, i tried to reset it , but when i started it up, i noticed that the date and time patch was still installed, my app launcher was still 4x4, the developer mode patch was still there (and icon that you click and turns your phone into developer mode)and i still had the iPhone theme i installed.. i ran a full reset and not just a partial reset. can somebody help me get rid of this theme and patches so i can start from scratch?
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    The only way to make it like it was straight out of the box is to use the Palm Webos Doctor.

    You could also try running the canuck software WebOS Repair Utility. It is a little less intrusive than the full web doctor. You would probably need to turn off compatibility mode in the repair utility.
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