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    It would be nice to have a doggy first aid information app for the Pre where all the information is hardcopied on the Pre. I know you can just Google stuff, but I'm looking for something that can be used even when you don't have EVDO and WiFi (i.e. out of the country and not in your hotel, camping/hiking for those that do that in places where there may be no phone and/or data signal, inside a building with poor signals, etc.). It likely would also be faster than Google.

    Things like how to give CPR, treating different injuries, etc. On my Centro all I had was a .PDF I got off the Web somewhere on how to give canine CPR. Otherwise, all my non-Internet info. is a book and a flip-chart, which I pack when traveling but they stay in the hotel (I don't carry them with me everywhere). Of course, all the information one would have to gather and verify with multiple top vets would be a lot of work, but this doesn't have to be a $0.99 app either. (And dog people buy dog stuff even in a rough economy.)

    It would be nice if the app included a form to fill out a little pertinent info. about the dog like height, weight, normal temperature, vaccination and titer records, dosages of meds the dog takes, microchip number (and phone number of the microchip database) in case the dog gets lost, etc. that one might need to know in case of emergency. Maybe even a text box to enter the locations of the nearest veterinarians to where you are going to be. And a list of canine emergency numbers, such as the pet poison control hotlines.

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    Good news! The folks who came out with an app that has most to all of these things for the iPhone are definitely thinking of making one for the Pre! Apparently one of their developers has a Pre and has been trying to get them to start work on this app for the Pre!! Smart fellow!

    When Flash comes out, I bet this would make an app like this all the more helpful - I know they have how-to videos in the iPhone app (such as how to give CPR), but Flash animations would also be helpful, if not more helpful (sometimes less-detailed images are better because you can focus on what to do instead of on distractions or having things get lost in shadows).

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