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    Sorry if this is a newbie quiestion. On my iPod Touch when I jailbroke it and I SSH'd into it the files where not locked or restricted. So I have not run into this before. How do you change the file restrictions so that I can move, copy, delete files through SSH? If I try by right clicking it doesnt take, it will just revert back
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    The file system is mounted read-only, so the first thing to do is re-mount it read-write.

    From a ssh prompt,
    sudo -i
    mount / -o remount,rw
    From here you may need to use the unix chmod command to grant access to non-root users to certain files.

    When finished, make sure you remount the file system read-only again, or reboot which always does that too.

    mount / -o remount,ro
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    thanks, i will give this a shot
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    it kept returning with errors if I tried to enter the code.
    it would be nice if someone could make a patch that would release the permissions so that you wouldnt have to enter the code every time. I transfer files to my phone alot. I was just thinking it would be easier to do it through SSH so I wouldn't have to plug in my phone every time
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    If you're using WinSCP on the PC side try setting the File Protocal to SFTP and pasting the following line into the SFTP server field in the Environment/SFTP settings dialog.

    sudo /opt/libexec/sftp-server

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