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    This recently started happening.. I believe after the last update.

    When I try to install certain patches whether through Preware or the WebOs Quick Installer

    here is what it is saying in red "offline root mode: not running org.webosinternals.patches.add-onscreen-keyboard.postinst"

    any ideas what i should do? I havent tried WebOs Doctor yet...
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    no help eh :/
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    give us a bit.

    None of the patch developers have ever seen this.

    also, can you send the log file to oil or Rod or someone at webos-internals?

    Also, you might get more attention posting this in the preware thread, or in the webos-internals forum.

    You might pm user oil and point him to your post as well.

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    I also getting the same error when trying to download 4x4 v3 Icons, so I tried v2 and also the same error message OFFLINE ROOT MODE, interesting enough, I had no problems yesterday.
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    make sure that your Pre has the latest WebOS 1.2.1 this had fixed the issue I had today regarding the OFFLINE ROOT MODE when installing patches.
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    Make sure you are running the latest package manager service and preware too.
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    offline root is not an error, scroll down and find the real "errors" in green.

    -Eric G

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    I'll post the log in the proper section when I wake up. Sorry for sounding ansty.
    I'm walkin home right now so I cant do it. Where do I find the log section?
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    Had also had the same errore until:

    Well I think the problem I had was the Europe Edition of the palm pre. Restored with WebOS Doctor to the Sprint Edition every Patch worked fine but no support of the german language .

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