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    so i was wondering if someone could make a patch for the phone...this is what i would like it to do...

    when u dial a number and u dont have your phone up to your ear and it starts to ring...some times you dont realise that it has it rings with you not on your end and you have people who answer their phones and your not on it..its still in your hand and you have forgotten that it was on a call...and your like oh dang!! sorry....

    so this is what i would like to have...when you make a call...can it do a small vibrate when it connects?

    i had an HTC that did that..i loved it....and miss it.....

    can anyone help?
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    anyone? anything....
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    lets not all pull the ideas out at once now
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    Yep, I liked that on Windows mobile...nice touch.....Would like to see it on the Pre
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    hi, i've move to Pre from BB8900 for a week, and i really luv this app on my BB.Does pre hav ones????????????

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