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    this phone needs help either a update or an app that will make this phone better. damn i promote this phone more than palm i made over 10 people buy this phone yet none of my friends is satisifed with it and neither am i,,,,, i cant stop pretending that this phone is great until it really is from now on,so developers please give me something that can improve the pre!..thanx
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    you might want to try actually suggesting or requesting something rather than a vague thing like "better"
    which is personal in many ways.

    a place to star might be your top pet peeve.

    otherwise you sound like your trolling.
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    You are not satisfied with it, but don't know what you want improved and yet you can convince 10 people to buy it. I'm confused! (Is this a riddle/puzzle? I know! You are Sprint rep working on June 6th.)
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    reasons why not satisfied-
    no video camera
    no voice dialing
    no sound recorder
    no outstanding apps
    sprint service sucks even though i been with them for 10 years
    no real text fowarding
    need a bit of speed improvement.

    i bought this phone and convinced 10 of my friends to buy it because i was very satisfied with the web os system and so were they. i think the webos system would actually be something great down the road. but i rather have these features much sooner than later down the road. i been paitently waiting from the developer community and from palm and if anything ..i would donate some $ to get these things faster. so let me knoww

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