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    I'm not too sure how true this is or if its something that can be patched. but from what I understand. there is a volume limit on the webos code to limit in call volume while using a bluetooth headset.

    while in a call using a bluetooth headset, when you turn the volume to 100%, the code has it so that it is really only 85%.

    was wondering if any of you genius patch makers could create a patch to remove that limit?
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    this would explain why my mp3's sound alot louder on aux then on bluetooth.
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    This would be VERY helpful
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    Bump . . .

    This is my only current issue with my new Pre. I'm on the phone a lot with my fiance who lives in another state and I can barely hear her with my Jawbone 2. Honestly I can't hear too well with my plug-in Jabra or just out of the phone either. The phone is the best but I prefer to be hands free. The Jabra has a very hollow echoish sound to it.

    Has anybody discovered how to boost the volume on any of the above mentioned? This would be a life saver.
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    would be very useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imex99 View Post
    would be very useful.
    Do you notice the same issues with your phone?
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    I have bluetooth via Kenwood navagation head unit. My is always telling that she cannot hear me. I also tried to turn the volume up. I would love to see this patch.

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