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    Good Morning,

    maybe someone can help me with this Error Message:

    I developed a Audio App that handles a "shaking" event with audio.

    When i start the audio event by shaking i get this Error Message and i do not know that to do?

    "com.palm.mediaevents is not running"

    Can somebody give me a advice that the Problem maybe?


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    I have run into the same repeatedly. If you change the logLevel to 0 in the framework_config.json file it will not be displayed, but the onComplete event never fires.
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    how does one bind something to a shake how is it set up? Is it a this.controller something? Like to bind shake event with pushing a button.
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    first of all thanks to: spdsktr.

    you right of course. before i wrote your post i found it out myself. what a messy thing with this issue.
    but i didn`t know about the onComplete thing. thanks again for that.

    by the way: spdsktr what exactly do you mean?
    you have a button listener and you want him you react on the skae event?
    how is that realized? or what are you trying to do?

    what i was trying to do is, to script a shotgun app. where you skake to load an push a trigger to fire and finally i got it. ...know i need to publish that app...g* what do ya think about that?


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