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    I really miss categories and I've taken to using universal search quite a bit. (fyi: virtual keyboard can be launched and used for universal search. Open the launcher pages, dbl tap and there she is. If you don't tap the keyboard away it will just stay open!) But its still not the categories. So would it be possible to edit the universal search "tags" or definitions so that when I type "games" nothing but games show up? When I type "media" all media apps come up? I mean palm has tagged them in the app catalog. Does that stay with it when we download an app? Idk if its possible or what would have to be done...but it would be nice! And somewhat like the old categories. What say you wise developers?
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    *patch request* a patch to make people post in the right section about patch request.
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    uh sorry about that dh, but could you maybe make your own patch request thread for that patch idea instead of hijacking this one. Thanks!

    *when a mod comes through here could you please move this to the new patches sub-forum.
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    do DH, where exactly do you want him to do that??? Is "WebOS Development" not ok? Would a patch not be "DEVELOPED" for "WEBOS"?!?!?!?!

    Maybe next time sarcasm could be thrown out and some ACTUAL ADVICE USED INSTEAD. Don't be a jerk, be useful.

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