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    I still cannot stand using the default calendar on the pre to quickly access my calendar. I have all my calendars in google so I created a simple webpage and embedded my google calendar in it (which you can find under calendar settings). Whenever I want to view my month calendar with text I just open the bookmark. I can use all the functions of viewing the calendar (switching month, viewing detail of individual events details) but I cannot add events to the calendar using this method. Is there any way to convert this to an app b/c I am still not a huge fan of my entire life being published online? I tried to make the app myself but unfortunately I do know know how to run an iframe in a webos app without the program just launching the frame in the web browser.

    more better in landscape...
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    Why not just login to google through the browser?
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    b/c logging in through the browser does not look like anything like the screen captures i posted. the resolution is not even close to readable for the month view and the mobile version does not have text for the month

    also posting the calendar this way gets rid of all the side bars from the real website and the only things visible is the calendar

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