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    does anyone know how to get the wifi to stay even when i press the sleep wake button
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    That's easy, but I have to give you a warning first.

    This will drain your battery quickly.

    The reason that the WiFi goes to sleep when the Pre goes to sleep, is to save power. In some situations, like if you have a very poor cell signal at home, it may hurt your battery less than letting it go to sleep, but it's still a concern.

    To answer the question, you have 3 options.

    1. Plug your Pre in. If it's charging, either through a cord or a touchstone, the wifi stays active.

    2. Run no-doze for WebOS, Timepiece, or any of a number of applications that keep your Pre's data connections awake. No-doze will keep all data connections open, but let the screen still go to sleep. And, I believe the latest version has background operation working, so you don't have to keep the card open. Timepiece will display a really cool clock on the screen that looks like a 1980's digital alarm clock, with very decent alarm functions. It will keep your Pre fully awake including the screen, and I personally use it as my alarm clock every night with my Pre on a touchstone at the head of the bed.

    3. Figure out a way to patch the OS to keep WiFi active without making any other changes. I'm sure it's possible, and I could turn it into a patch file for you if you figure out a way to hack it yourself, but I have no idea how to actually make that hack.

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