So, I'm on my fourth Pre since the launch, and one problem has been plaguing me with the phone.. I use the headphone jack quite often, and eventually the jack gets dirty and the phone becomes unaware of when its removed.. Of course, I never know when it is going to happen, until I go to answer a call only to discover that the phone still thinks the headphones are in, and the earpiece on the phone is silent. The caller on the other end hears me -- but I hear nothing.

What I was wondering was if someone could develop a patch to notify on the screen when the headphone is plugged in and removed from the device -- similar to what happens when you turn a bluetooth headset in and it displays the volume bars at the bottom. With this patch, at least I would know that the phone thinks the headphones are still plugged in, and realize its time for me to clean out the jack with a cotton swap and some contact cleaner.

So, perhaps a picture of a headphone, along with the volume level on the bottom of the screen upon insert, and a picture of either a headphone with a slash through it when they are unplugged -- or a picture of an ear with a volume level when the phone switches to the earpiece.

Anyone else think this is a good idea?