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    hey everyone,
    I am a newbie when it comes to making apps. I have a simple app I made with just a few widgets. I'm saying why don't a few of us team up amd make a simple app together. If anyone is interested just let me know. We can all learn together
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    Im always up to learn some new tech I used to work with win mo but new to linux and webos
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    cool then man well have to come up with a app to make something simple. If you have any ideas just post them so we can get working.
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    Well I've had an idea floatin around in my head for an app similiar to winterboard which is an app for jailbroken iPhones/ipod touches which my friend showed me recently it lets them download themes to memory and alternate between them through a scroll list I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in a winterboardish app if you'd like i could send you some screenshots
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    I added a few pics of the type of interface winterboard has as a starting point
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    ok lets think how we are going to do this. Preware basically has this but you can't change on the fly you have to reload. So lets try to think of a way around that
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    well if we just create a blank storage app to fill with themes then were most of the way there the tricky part is letting the themes swap from that file without the revert in between

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