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    will anyone PLEASE work on having hebrew on the pre? willing to pay for it...
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    I just posted the instructions at

    Read only. You need to know how to root your pre. Use at your own risk
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    got it. works like a charm, u made my shabat a much better now. thanx
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    is there anyway someone can make it into a patch available through Preware?
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    got it
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    Here's a problem I have with Palmpreacher's implementation of Hebrew on the touchpad virtual keyboard, and CvvB's Arabic keyboard implementation. I am studying Arabic, and the two mappings are not compatible, I first installed Arabic, which worked very well, then Hebrew. The Hebrew installation wiped out my Arabic keyboard; both use the same layout. The developer who implemented the Arabic keyboard is working on mapping it to the Azerty format, so I could theoretically have both.

    10/17: The new Arabic keyboard mapping has been implemented,and I now have English, Hebrew and Arabic keyboards on my touchpad. Thank you, CvvB!!
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    I know that those who installed the Arabic keyboard are having serious problems with the upgrade to 3.04. Anyone using a Hebrew keyboard having those same problems (continuous rebooting, for example)? I have both keyboards installed and I have not upgraded - I'm keeping my wifi off till I know better.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad

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