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    Is it just me, or are others disappointed in this book as well? Maybe I'm just slow right now.

    My gripe is mainly the lack of thoroughness in widget examples. Sometimes it has a solid example for the view but not for the model (the Date Picker comes to mind), other times the model has a good example but I have to look up what exactly should be in the view (which is easier than the former at least). On some occasions there aren't good examples of either. The author's News app example is OK at times, but the app doesn't use all of the widgets. Sometimes the News app example of a single widget is intertwined with unrelated code, leaving you to decipher what is required and what isn't.

    Yeah, I know Palm provides a UIWidgets app (which has helped), but I bought the book so that I would not have to piece together bits and parts from different sources. A developer should be able to open the book, look up example code for a widget, then customize and apply it to his or her app. Having an example such as this would be MUCH better (IMO)...

    This goes in the view...

    <div class="palm-row last">
      <div class="palm-row-wrapper" x-mojo-focus-highlight="true">
        <div id="country" x-mojo-element="ListSelector"></div>
    ...detailed explaination of view components. This goes in the model...

    // LIST SELECTOR: country
    	var countries =
    		{label: 'Canada', value:'CAN'},
    		{label: 'Germany', value:'DEU'},
    		{label: 'Ireland', value:'IRL'},
    		{label: 'Mexico', value:'MEX'},
    		{label: 'Spain', value:'ESP'},
    		{label: 'United Kingdom', value:'GBR'},
    		{label: 'United States', value:'USA'},
    		{label: 'Other', value:'OTH'}
    	var countryAttributes =
    		label: 'Country',
    		choices: countries,
    	var countryModel = {currentAction: 'USA'}
    	this.controller.setupWidget('country', countryAttributes, countryModel);
    ...detailed explaination of model components.
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