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    me and my friends are using Yammer to send us small text messages or images.

    A Yammer API can be found here:

    Maybe anyone is interested in writing a Yammer client for webOS.
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    please, this would go a long way to making webOS more "corporate" friendly. I'd bet you could charge a $3-5 for this one...
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    How is this different than SMS/MMS?
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    I third this? Lol my company uses yammer all day long for status updates. We currently use it via sms and it's annoying. I would also pay $3-5 for it.
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    I'm a dev from Recursive (we just released ReWeather) and I'm thinking of creating a Yammer app next, would anyone still be interested?
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    Never mind, I shall go ahead anyway
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    I wonder how many of these apps would sell, if its under 100 downloads in a year with $5 it wouldnt worth the effort
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    if it's something quick and easy, then it could be worth it. i think palm had tapped into a niche of new developers that don't care as much about the revenue as they do about the pride of developing apps!
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    It's not exactly going to be quick and easy, but I read recently that Yammer's adding users at a great rate, so hopefully there's more than 100 Pre/Pixi owning Yammer users.
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    FYI, You could use the free for webOS for to post to Yammer.

    1. Sign up for -

    2. Connect to Yammer -

    3. Download and install for webOS - for webOS

    4. Enter in mobile API key into for webOS (the App should make this pretty easy).

    If you choose to use any of the other services with, you may want to set some of the defaults up on to not post regular status messages to Yammer. Then you will just need to choose the Yammer method for posting only to Yammer. Its pretty easy.

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    Good point, and possibly enough for people who only want to post to Yammer. I suspect (and hope!) there are a fair few users who'd like a full Yammer client though.
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    my work uses yammer a lot - we have about 1500 people using it! I'd love a yammer app but seeing as i'm not in a supported country I'm not sure how I'd actually pay for it...
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    I would buy this.
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    if this were released through preware, non paid-app supported countries could pay for it...i think. jason robitaille was thinking of doing this with his dropbox app so that people in unsupported countries could buy his app

    the reference is here:
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    hey... just fyi, i wrote a yammer client for palm "Yalm"

    just search "yammer" or "yalm" in the appstore

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