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    I own a Synology NAS drive and an ipod touch, the app released for ipod/iphone means I can view and play all of my audio library on the NAS anywhere on my ipod or an iphone if I had one.

    I now own a Pre (loving it) and would be fantastic if I could do the same (preferable) or similar.

    An itunes remote not needing extra software on the pc/mac would also be good, again like on my ipod. This would almost replace my ipod entirely, apart from the Nike+ integration.

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    Even if this just worked with an audio player, winamp or songbird are most likely, accessing their libraries over the net to play your own music wherever you are.

    I suggested the synology NAS as I own it, it is amazing, you have you music library on it already, there is already an iphone app that can do this and you have no need for a PC/MAC to be on.

    Tried to post links but my post count is too low, just go to the synoloy site and search for iphone, ds audio and audio station to see how it all works.
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    It's going to be impossible to have an iTunes app without running a client server. Palm does not have the same access to iTunes that Apple has. Hobbyist's Remote app is really good and pretty cheap. The server uses so little resources, I doubt you'd even notice.

    Not a clue about the Synology stuff.
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    I just posted a request in the Feature Request and Product Improvement Suggestions Forum: Synology Inc. • View topic - Application for the webOS platform (Palm Pre/Pixi) over at

    I absolutely love their product and having a DS audio, DS photo app for the palm would be awesome.

    So if your still interested, go over there and give my request a bump!


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