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    I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, but I'm developing a website based on Joomla!. I've been testing a few themes from and some of their new themes support two different mobile layouts: iPhone and handheld.

    The Pre loads the site as if it's desktop browser. Does anyone know what needs to be added to correctly identify the Pre's browser?

    If you want to see for yourself, go to, chose demo on the top left side and test with "halite" or "purity II".

    This is no big deal, but I'd like to get it working correctly server side.

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    Hey Fabrian,
    What a coincidence, I have the same exact problem. I was able to locate the php class under templates->template_name-->libs-->mobile_device_detect.php. That's where they are checking for the user-agent. But even when I add pre's user-agent info... it still brings up desktop version. I have Joomlart Teline III template. check out the site Information Madness - Home

    I am not sure how to fix that problem but for some reason.. pre's browser is not detected using the user-agent string.
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    Ah, I'm not alone

    Your site looks good! I have very little time lately, but I'm trying find a solution. Joomlart's support (in my experience so far) seems pretty dodgy. Hopefully someone can help here or there before I'm completely grey.
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    I don't know if it helps, but I put on the WPTouch Wordpress plugin and it detects the Pre fine. You might be able to look at the base code in that and see how they are doing it. Being Wordpress, I'm guessing it is PHP.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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    Here is the thing.. I updated the script to include the webos in my useragent. I have installed the "User Agent Switcher" in my firefox.. I included Palm Pre's user agent and tried out my site. It worked. But when I try the same page with my palm pre's browser.. it still shows up the full desktop version...

    Is Palm Pre caching the pages ???
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    I also cleared Palm Pre's browser cache.. cleared the history.. still.. it shows the desktop version instead of mobile version..
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