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    Has Palm made it too pleasurable to close multiple open programs with the swishing card throw? Are we closing programs prematurely because of this? If so it may be detracting from our full experience with mobile multi-tasking.
    More Apple developers should be hired to evolve this feature into a more containable experience.
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    Not too pleasurable for me (unless an app really sucks, in which case, my next task after swishing the app is removing it from my phone).
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    I cnt agree with this. Yea its fun to throw cards out, but I know if I need something to keep it open...
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    I do find myself just opening and closing apps when I am bored, lol
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    It's mostly a good thing.

    One bad habit I developed, was to send pages to the launcher, tap a site to read and when I was done, toss the card and launch another from the launcher for the next site.

    Now I have the same sites also under bookmarks, so after the initial browser card launch, when I want to read the next site (I usually visit the same forums in succession) I now swipe back to bookmark view and tap the bookmark.

    this saves the quitting and launching steps. It's quicker and probably helps with card memory issues.
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    Actually unless the browser isn't killing itself all the way when you close it then opening a new card would be better.
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