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    Also, this thread started as a means to make switching the phone to speaker easier while driving, and having to hold a button while the phone is likely sitting in a dash mount is more distracting than at least what I'm after. Not to mention I've got a 16 year old with a Pre that's 3 weeks away from having her license, so I'm doing this as much for her as for myself.
    You right. You right.

    I just figured that you yourself might slip when remembering that the rocker answers the call straight to speakerphone. I know I might forget sometime when I'm just trying to ignore someone. The biggest concern is when somebody else is handling my phone for a minute. When other people's phones ring while I'm holding on to it, I hit the volume rocker to shut it up and quit makin' my hand jiggle... then go find the phone's rightful owner. Wouldn't want someone answering my calls to speakerphone on accident. That could be dangerous.

    But that's a fairly minor concern. I hope you can figure out how to get the rocker to automatically unlock the screen. That would be too convenient.
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    I think the toggle switch should be handy. It allows the user to choose when and how long the speaker phone answer mode is on.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback on this idea. A huge thanks to wtgreen for bringing this little idea to life. The patch works great for me. Although now I rather like the idea of a simple toggle or button, but this solves my problem all the same. Cheers!
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    FYI, I've updated the slider patch for 1.3.1 and posted it and the old 1.2.1 patch in a new thread found in the Web OS Patches forum:

    From now on I'll post any updates there, since as the OP owner, I'll be able to simply update the first post and make it easier to get the latest patch.
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    Will it be in the feeds for updating via PreWare?
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    Yes. The old version - didn't work when locked - is there now but should be updated soon.
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