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    I'm not really an expert at coding.. I have some background but that's not really enough. I'm an ultimate (frisbee) player and this past weekend we used UltiStats for the iPhone. Now I was a pretty early adopter of Palm. Had an old Sony Clie back in the day. And had a Centro, which UltiStats was first on Palm. I'm not a big fan of everyone wanting to use UltiStats on iPhone. So I'd really like to have UltiStats on WebOS. Would it be an easy task to port the old PalmOS version to WebOS? It'd be awesome if someone could either port it over or help me try to convert it over to WebOS.
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    Porting an app over is not possible. You have to rewrite the code from the ground up. They are completely different languages. If you ask around enough, i'm sure you can find someone to help you.

    I suggest you really do it yourself. It should be a fun experience and you'll be self-motivated as opposed to someone doing it out of their own kindness.

    Try it! and feel free to keep posting on this thread, or start a new one notifying people of your progress and asking for help if you need it.

    Good Luck!

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