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    So I am building a new palm pre app and I will sell the app for a specific price - however once a customer buys the app - can I sell an additional 'per-use' fee feature within the app over and over for just one advanced feature within the app (and the rest of the app is usable for free)?

    Does this question make sense? I know that Apple allows you to charge a second fee within the app after you have paid for it. So does the Palm Pre store allow for this? And if so - do you have to give Palm 30% of the inside app fee that you charge?

    Please advise
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    Well, there's one app in the catalog that has an in-app fee instead of a App Catalog fee, and that's the Classic trial.

    In addition, Card Ace and Word Ace are free but let you buy in-game chips for real money, and they're both in the App Catalog, so I'd bet that it'd be okay.

    However, your best bet would be to just contact Palm directly to find out.

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