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    Hi all,

    In my app, i parse a parameter from Scene1 to Scene2.

    This parameter is correctly declared In Scene2.
    Here is the code of Scene2:
    function Scene2Assistant(param) {
    this.param1 = param;
    This parameter is used to display a picture in Scene2 when Scene2 is activated

    Here is the code :
    Scene2Assistant.prototype.activate = function(event) {
    	this.myCountryDivElement.mojo.centerUrlProvided('images/'+ this.param1 +'.jpg');
    All works fine when an image file corresponding to the parameter exists.

    what i want to do is to check if the file corresponding to the parameter parsed exists.
    If Yes, then the value of this.param1 is take into account
    If No, then i want to set a default value.

    Is this test must be coded in protoype.setup as below ?
    Scene2Assistant.prototype.setup = function() {
    	var file = Mojo.appPath + 'images/' + this.param1+'.jpg'

    I browse the forum but not find something relevant.
    What is the code to do it ?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Up ! Anyone ?
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    I tried a lot of syntaxes, read guidelines, ... but not fixed my problem.

    In this large and friendly community, is there a guru to help me ?

    Any help would be really appreciated.
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    you would have to use one of palm's API's to do that. You can TRY to do an Ajax.Request('/path/to/file',...); to see if it returns data. But other than that javascript cannot really open files without the use of activex.
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    Thanks PreGame.
    Ajax.Request function seems to be the solution

    First of all, i try to display the path but am having trouble to figure out.
    var url = Mojo.appPath + 'images/' + this.param1;
    this.showDialogBox('Path', url);

    In which section of the scene the test must be coded ?
    I tried in prototype.setup and prototype.activate but it don't work.

    Any help ?
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    Ajax.Request is the solution. Thanks PreGame

    Here is the code for whom who are interested in:

    Considering that :
    this.param1 is an argument parsed from Scene1
    This code is to test if a jpg file exists in the app path.

    var file = Mojo.appPath + this.param1 +'.jpg';
    	var request = new Ajax.Request(file, {
            	method: "get",
            	onSuccess: this.OnSuccess.bind(this),
            	onFailure: this.OnFailure.bind(this)

    If the file exists then the correct jpg is displayed
    Scene2Assistant.prototype.OnSuccess = function(transport){
    	this.myCountryDivElement.mojo.centerUrlProvided(this.param1 +'.jpg');

    If the file not exists then a default jpg is displayed
    Scene2Assistant.prototype.OnFailure = function(transport){
    Hope this helps

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