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    How about an Application for webOS that would allow you to select between various themes that you've downloaded or download more themes from PreCentral or elsewhere.

    Kinda like in Windows XP when you right-click on the desktop and left-click properties, the first thing you see is the "Themes" tab, where you can select "Windows XP", "Windows Classic", "My Current Theme", etc. Obviously a "Restore default theme" option would be desirable.

    Maybe even be like Switcharoo and switch between themes on the fly at specific intervals.

    I think that really is the biggest drawback to me using themes. The ability or inability to switch or restore defaults with an absolute minimal effort [2 to 3 taps/gestures].
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    they problem is you have to allow it to run script. Not sure if this could be avoided becuase I don't code
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