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    Quote Originally Posted by jayhajj View Post
    Anyone know why they would purposefully exclude this profile? Does having it expose some sort of vulnerability for unwanted tethering?
    It was on my four year old feature phone and was VERY useful for sharing files and ringtones with friends, sending photos to my digital photo frame, offloading photos to my PC and using BT PAN for occasional net access.

    Not sure but it seems to be omitted from all the major new OS's (iOS, Android, WebOS), probably to prevent people from sending copyrighted files to each other but they don't realise it's very convenient for beaming photos etc. across.
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    gud idea...wish i can make a patch 4 it
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    maybe it is possible with the new 2,0 SDK/PDK
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    heck yeah, this would be awesome... as it stands, I have to use my epic 4g for BT file transfer, man do I hate that phone, the epic, that is......
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