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    Ok, I officially need help. I was running a very heavily patched Pre. Everything worked great. I installed the auto-correct patch using Preware and got the "error reading control file" error. So I went back to remove the patch and saw it said we can only use QuickInstall. So I removed it, and the removal failed. I went to QuickInstall and patched over it. It patched but didn't work. Things started to act up from there.

    I then thought well I already had an issue I knew about. After 1.2 update, I had reinstalled the tweaks using QI 2.03. Once I upgraded to 2.7 it conflicted with the 2.03 tweaks before I knew I had to remove the tweaks before upgrading to 2.7. So now I decided I would just Doctor it. Did that, and I must have launched the WebOS 1.1 version because I then had to update the phone to 1.2.1. I then went on to QI and installed all the tweaks, services, theme, etc. At this point I added the add sound/video as well as all I had before.

    After that Autocorrect doesn't do anything. It does not reboot the phone as it says it will, so nothing actually takes. Also the send sound/video show the yellow "!" after I send. If I try to resend it reports "Your device is full. Delete files to clear space." It appears to have a conflict with the message forward patch. they both try to launch at once (forward + the error), the error wins.

    After that, I Doctored it again this time with the latest software. I installed only Preware & the required services. I then installed everything with Preware. Same problems as above again. Oh, also about half of the patches I install, I have to manually reboot the phone for them to take. Any help, any ideas, thoughts???? Sorry this was so long.
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    And I also have the email delete/notification bug back!
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    First of how can you install ALL the patches/tweaks? Some of them are just different versions. Second, do you really need/use all the tweaks? As far as memory issue, install the new memory patch.
    After you Dr. the phone one last time and do Palm updates, install the tweaks you NEED one at a time and reboot after each one. You should not have to but in your case it would be the safest. At least then you will know which one if at all is messing your phone up and could let us all know.
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    I was trying to shorten up the post. I obviously didn't install ALL the tweaks only ALL I had plus send sound/video and autocorrect. I did install each one at a time using Preware, then checked the patch. If it wasn't working I rebooted, then went to then next. I am really thinking autocorrect damaged the hardware, which I did install wrong...
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    I was only kidding about the
    The last time you DR'ed the phone and after you did the WebOS updates but before you install anything else, did the phone work OK? If so, if I were you I would only install the most basic tweaks. Stay away from anything other than Landscape for email. And the only one I have had issues with was any of the PDF tweaks. For anything else wait until after the next Palm update which is coming soon. Then we have to wait a little longer for the tweaks/patches to be checked out again.
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    My phone works ok now, other than installing the patches. The problem is the patches work just fine for everyone else and worked fine for me until I installed the auto-correct patch wrong. Now it doesn't matter what I do it is screwed up. I know, if stabbing your hand hurts - don't stab it. However if it doesn't hurt anyone else, why does it hurt me alone only after the install? And why has the email bug returned???

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