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    Notice new keyboard for Win Mobile that would be perfect on Pre.

    Not sure if its possible but this is slick.
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    That would be really cool to have as an added feature of the virtual keyboard
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    Would totally pay for this
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    It would require a very robust auto-correct dictionary, i'd think.
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    Thanks for the post!! That's awesome!!! Love the Graffiti integration!! Originally it was on the Palm OS back in the day. Which I so loved and miss!!

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    Win a copy of SlideIT software keyboard, 20 copies to giveaway

    Did you like the slide to type keyboard “SlideIT”, we posted about this app a few days back and now thanks to the developers ” Dasur Ltd ” we have 20 copies of the app to give away.

    1800pocketpc gives this 20 copies
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    What do we do to be eligible to win? I would like to check it out!
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    apps for the wm version??

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