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    What would it do?
    The app would enable me to assign pre-defined ring tone to a pre-defined phone number in my contact list so when an incoming call from that specific number, the CALLER will hear my pre-defined ring tone.

    Why Am I am requesting such an app?
    Recently, I have been getting more and more sales calls and repeated calls even when I kindly requesting them to stop... I have labeled all them under SALES CALL so I no longer answering them. With this app, I would be able to record my own ring tone saying "DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN, ADD ME TO YOUR DO NOT CALL LIST" so hopefully the CALLER will finally get the message!!!

    I believe this app would have a great appeal to many folks... (think of what high school youngsters would be able to do with this app and their Pre phone?)

    That would be cool - right?
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    Uh, I believe that is call call tones or something like that, and is a phone company offering, not a phone application.
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    Yeah it is a company side service. It is most commonly know as "ring backs" although that's a Verizon term I think. Sprint calls them call tones and I do believe you can pick who gets what tone through Sprints site although don't know how. Been a while since I've used one though cause it's rather unprofessional to have a song playing when you get a business call.
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    Easiest method is to change to Google Voice. Hopefully they will allow you to port a number.
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    I'd settle for a call/sms-filtering app. I would spend $15.99 for that, and I have in the past spent more than that for such an app.
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    On a related note, I would really like to discourage you from using a ring back tone.

    I hate ring back tones with a deep and burning passion, and will not do business with anyone who uses one, unless I have no choice. They are annoying and rude.

    It would be one thing if they at least sounded like music, but instead, they sound like a staticy radio playing from the bathtub with the volume turned up to 11.

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