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    As the title of the post suggest, I'm requesting a fresh copy of the new barassistant.jsjsjs ($webOS$ $1$.$2$.$1$). $I$ $carelessly$ $forgot$ $to$ $back$ $up$ $the$ $new$ $one$ $before$ $replacing$ $it$ $with$ $my$ $old$ $edited$ $one$, $and$ $now$ $I$ $have$ $some$ $minor$ $undesired$ $results$. $If$ $anyone$ $has$ $a$ $fresh$ $copy$ $of$ $it$ $and$ $willing$ $to$ $send$ $it$ $to$ $me$, $I$ $will$ $be$ $very$ $great$-$full$. $Thanks$.

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    Download the webos doctor, extract the files, and get it.

    If you aren't sure on how to do any of the above, I know for a fact there is a tutorial around here.

    I also, although I'm not exactly sure what it does, I think Jason's WebOS Repair Utility might be what you're looking for.
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    Webos Repair Utility should probably do the trick for you.
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    Thanks for the responses! I looked though the webos doctor in winrar and found it.

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