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    OK, I'm finding the 'date picker' part of the calendar and contact apps to be really frustrating to use.

    Currently, to enter a date you have to tap on the day of the month shown, then flick, flick, flick, tap to find the right date, and hope you don't go scrolling past it, then go tap the month shown, and flick, flick, flick, tap, then the same for the year--tap, flick, flick, flick, tap. This is a huge step backwards from anything in PalmOS apps I've used.

    Can someone please hack this to be more user friendly please. Ideally, you would tap the month first, and the screen would fill with 12 boxes for the months, (with the current month in bold) then you would tap the correct one, and a screen would instantly popup with upto 31 boxes representing the date, again with current date in bold (you would get between 28 and 31 depending on the previous month selection, preferably with days of the week filled in across the top correctly), then you would tap the correct date, and the last box would pop up with as many boxes would fit the screen, showing the years bracketing the current year in bold. For most selections this would amount to no scrolling, and possibly only three taps--month, date, year (assuming the year you wanted was currently in the 20-30 or so you could fit on the screen at once)

    The same thing could apply to a 'time picker' as its just as tedious. Surely you can fit 24 small boxes on the screen with 12 highlighted in one colour for am and 12 in another colour for pm, and so on for minutes.

    anyone think this is possible, or a good idea?
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    I agree it sucks, but what would be really be ideal is a date picker that works exactly like 99% of all of them out there: a current month view, defaulted to current date selected, with arrows to move to next and previous month. Click on the date you want, BAM, done.

    To take this thought further... Palm, and Samsung with the Instinct, took flicking too far. What they have done is proof that an idea that works well for some things (prev/next page,day,month,photo, etc) works horribly for others. Flicking/swiping, just doesn't work well for some things. Same for dropdown boxes. When I first got my Pre, I had to log in on a website that has the user list in a dropdown box... I was flicking for like 5 minutes before I finally got to my user id! Sometimes, a scrollbar is absolutely necessary... just make it a bit wider so it's finger-friendly!
    End rant. Yes, I love my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Palm, and Samsung with the Instinct, took flicking too far.
    I couldn't have put it better myself.

    To quote "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom," once you find a really good hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.
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    +1. Love This idea. I like the second posted idea better. This would be an awesome tweak.
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    I found something interesting tonight browsing the Palm webOSdev site tonight looking for something else. Sounds just like what I was talking about in post #2, and suspiciously like the calendar month view:

    grid date selector A control that allows the user to select the date from a calendar grid. A grid date selector only scrolls vertically.

    This was found in the glossary here: Glossary - webOSdev - Palm

    Has anyone else spotted that? Wondering out loud if that is new, or something they didn't implement in MOJO. It is not listed in any of the developer docs for UI. As has been discussed before, it really should scroll horizontally like the other date views, not vertically!
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    Digging through the Calendar date and time pickers, I found that the pickers can be controlled using the keyboard. While a field is in focus, type a number or letter to set the value (it will automatically adjust the end date). Move between fields using the Enter key.

    I didn't know this was possible. It does cut down on fiddling with the inertia lists.

    I'm looking into modifying that widget.
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    allright, i'll bite and start with this patch ...
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    I don't have the time right now, but if it helps, here are some notes I took:

    The date time widget used by the calendar is used system wide, from Mojo. There are some widget javascript files in the Calendar app, they are not being used currently.

    The issue here is that the widget uses three integer pickers for selecting month, day and year by numbers only. The rendering of the values can be passed in though. Look at the Month picker, an integer picker that displays month labels. The same could be done with the day picker, displaying 1 M, 2 T, 3 W, 4 Th etc. The date object has a getDate function which gives the day of the week (e.g. 1-7). A map can translate that number to day name.

    Inherit from generic picker

    widget_datetimepicker.jsjsjs: $Inherit$ $from$ $DatePicker$, $modify$ $or$ $replace$ $with$ $labelvalue$ $picker$
    $Mojo$.$Widget$.$_DatePickerStrategy$.$prototype$.$setup$: $inherit$ $and$ $modify$ $or$ $replace$
    *	$if$ ($this$.$controller$.$attributes$.$day$ !== $false$) {
    		$this$.$_chooseDay$ = $this$.$assistant$.$_chooseIntegerProperty$.$bind$($this$.$assistant$, '$getDate$', '$setDate$', $this$.$kDayCapsuleType$);
    *	$case$ $this$.$kDayCapsuleType$:
    			$days$ = $this$.$_countDaysForMonth$($date$.$getMonth$(), $date$.$getFullYear$());
    			$popupModel$ = {
    				$onChoose$: $this$.$_chooseDay$,
    				$itemsRange$: {$min$:$1$,$max$:$days$}				
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