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    In an article on the homepage, precentral says that Palm Pre's browser scored 1 out of 100 in the Acid3 test. But that's the browser app (and webView by extension).

    I'd like to see a test of WebOS to see if it is fully compliant or if it also scores a 1 out of 100 for Acid3. In other words, the HTML, CSS, javascript environment for scenes, stages, etc. Anyone know how to do this?

    I think this is important as well, because if we know all the methods, etc it doesn't implement, we can notify Palm and hopefully get them to implement them.
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    I've seen a 4 on Acid3 before, but yeah, there's some issue that prevents it from completing the test.

    There was some thread a while back calling it a bad browser because of this, but the general consensus was that a benchmark like that doesn't matter to people.
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    The entire OS is uses Webkit, so I'm pretty sure that the browser and the OS use the same engine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ird View Post
    The entire OS is uses Webkit, so I'm pretty sure that the browser and the OS use the same engine.
    Really? I'm not so sure about that. And I'm willing to bet the Mojo framework isn't available in the web browser itself.
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    The WebOS browser is really bad but I hope they keep improving it at a rapid pace. 1 out of 100 is vastly better than it was on 1.1, which was a constant refresh loop before the test could even start. Very sad and not good for compatibility with DOM and Javascript features.

    I do a lot of advanced Javascript and HTML5 coding and wish I could use my Pre to try cool stuff but it is just too broken to use. For example, there is a really cool Javascript/Canvas implementation of an NES emulator that is completely scripted with no plugins whatsoever (JSNES: A Javascript NES emulator) that works great in desktop browsers and even runs on the iPhone, but the Pre doesn't even attempt to run it. It just sighs and weeps in the corner.

    It might use Webkit ala Android and iPhone but I have a feeling that Palm's Javascript engine isn't up to snuff (anyone know if it is custom or something like V8?) and their implementations of things such as canvas and svg are just horrendous.

    Looking forward to next year and WebOS updates from 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 onwards.
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    Webkit comes with canvas and svg support - not palm's fault really. Probably using an older webkit version than Apple. And lets be frank, Acid3 is useless when it comes to determine how good a browser is for web browsing.
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    The Webkit canvas and SVG implementations actually work. They don't on WebOS. The WebOS team didn't load the good Webkit extensions and also seem to have their own little proprietary JSJSJS $implementation$ $going$ $that$ $might$ $be$ $great$ $and$ $fast$ $for$ $their$ $custom$ $JS$ $apps$ $but$ $really$ $horrible$ $for$ $real$ $web$ $use$.

    Also, Acid3 is a great indicator of how a web browser deals with browsing since it tests important pieces of implementation that need to be there for those features to work. The only reason you don't notice it in your normal browsing is because the Acid3 features don't currently work in IE and crappy mobile browsers so major websites can't use them. It wasn't too long ago that major websites could barely use Javascript and CSS because they were "exotic". That is the whole point of Acid3: this stuff will be very important in the near future of the web and needs to work right.

    I, for one, expect to be using WebOS as one of my primary computing devices for accessing the internet in the future and I am going to need it to run web apps as reliably and effectively as my desktop browsers.

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