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    Is there a way to convert exe to ipk?

    i have a datalogger program i use for my car installed in a old palm pilot. problem i have currently is that i broke the screen. i would like to transfer this program to my pre

    Is that possible?
    thanx in advance
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    Yes and no, but there is a lot of ignorance behind the question, so I'll try to clear up as much as possible.

    1. An exe is an executable file. An ipk is an archive containing all of the install files for a program and the necessary scripts to install it. The two are fundamentally different. So there's no way to "convert" one to the other.

    2. The Palm Pre does not run Palm OS. It runs Palm's new WebOS. Once again, this is a fundamental difference. Software for one will not work on the other. It's like trying to run DOS software from 1987 on a Macbook Pro.

    3. Neither the Palm Pre nor a Palm Pilot will run an exe. Exe files are for DOS or Windows only. The file you have is a desktop installer program for installing the actual program you're interested in to a Palm Pilot or other Palm OS device.

    Now that the fundamentals are out of the way, it "may" be possible to run this program. There is an app for WebOS called "Classic."

    What classic does, is it opens a new card on your Pre that looks like a picture of a palm pilot. It is in fact an emulator, and will run many (but not all) PalmOS programs. As far as whether or not that particular program will work, and how you would go about getting it onto a Palm Pre, I have no idea, but either somebody here will, or you can contact MotionApps (the makers of Classic) for more information.
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    Also worth pointing out, depending on what function this program serves, there may already be homebrew software for the Pre that does the same thing.
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    appreciate the info.
    i actually tried downloadin classic and i cant install because it says i have to make room.

    one of my buddies told me to try it on classic.

    this program is to data log information from my car. i use it to tune my car
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    Doesn't that require hardware to connect to the OBDII system in your car?

    Or are we really just talking about logging mileage information?

    If it requires hardware to connect to the OBDII, then I can't imagine you'll be able to use this with the Pre.
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    its actually for OBD I

    and i have the hardware to connect it to my car. thats how i been doing it with my palm pilot. until i broke the screen
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    Well, that's pretty slick, but the hardware you have will almost certainly not connect to the Pre.

    The Pre uses a micro USB instead of the old Palm data port, and it has no memory card slot. I can't imagine how you'd get them connected and talking. I think there's a free trial of classic (once you delete enough homebrew to install it) but I wouldn't hold my breath on it actually working.
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    well ill try it cause in the future it would be worth buying the classic. i have a data port to usb converter. it should work in theory but...... things sometimes dont work.
    I appreciate the help though thanks
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    By all means, report back if you have any success. I'm pretty sure there's a free trial of classic, so there's no harm in testing it out.
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    i will report back. thanx once again

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