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    Where is the code which controls the alarm snooze or dismiss options?

    I was wondering how difficult it wold be to change it so you get a "Dismiss" button along with a "Snooze 5m", "Snooze 15m", and "Snooze 1h" options.
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    working on this now but how I have it set up so you choose the snooze when you set the alarm. not when the snooze dismiss buttons come up. I uploaded my code so you can check it out if you would like.

    here is my post about it.

    Patch Project: Adding Snooze Time To Alarm
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    I was looking to a way to do it when alarmed, and not when set. Many of us use SYNERGY - and the appointments may be coming from Outlook, Google etc, so they are not set in the Pre.
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    that does not have to do with the alarm snooze that would be the calender snooze, which there is another patch out there that kind of deals with it. the two snoozes are actually seperate which is kind of stupid but they are.

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