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    Hey guys.

    So, I had in my head what I consider to be a great idea for an app for webOS. So, I headed over to, got all the tools I needed installed and ready to go and started working my way through the HelloWorld tutorial. Well, I couldn't get that to work, so I picked up a webOS programming book and started working my way through the tutorial in there. Couldn't get that one to work either. So, I started working on my app concept. I was able to get a first screen after about 16 hours of work, but I decided I was in way over my head.

    So, I've decided to share my application concept in the hopes that someone is interested in actually writing it up. Please let me know if you're interested in putting it together.

    RPG Dice Roller

    General Concept:
    This is a dice rolling program that lets you save frequently used dice combinations. It allows you to save different characters and save different roll setups to each character. It supports both the d20 system and the d10 system. It also has a quick roll feature that lets you quickly roll any of the standard dice.

    EDIT: Removed the scene by scene description until someone expresses interest in developing it or I learn enough to do it myself.
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    You might want to look at pDice by robobeau:

    precentral .net/homebrew-apps/pdice

    forums. precentral .net /homebrew-apps/190982-pdice-d-d-dice-rolling-app-v1-1-1-1-1-7-30-a.html

    Looks like he has something similar. Never used it, so don't know how different it is from what you are looking at, but looks like he would be open to thoughts, ideas, etc.

    Sorry about the weird links.. Don't have 10 posts yet.

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    Yeah. I've got pDice. That's why I decided to make my own app. I wanted something more robust than what that was offering.

    I'll pm Robobeau and see if he's interested.
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    This would be most useful to those who play 4th edition D&D. These characters have specific attacks that roll the same dice every time. You can set the attack to roll a d20 and add your attack modifier and the damage dice and add your damage modifier. It's a one touch attack =D.

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