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    know people will hate this but i used t9 on my old cell phone and i love it. i love the keyboard; but for just a quick easy text/reply i think that a virtual t9 keypad would be awesome like a smaller version of the phone app for messaging . Now i know people that hate t9 and i usually find out its because they do not know how to spell/text in slang/cut up words. its the same concept as having a vk in landscape its just easier more convenient now i mean this for quick texts and when your other hand is occupied.(excluding driving OK). . I dont know of anyphone that has this option and i know of other people that would like it too. Dont flame me its just a thought what do you guys think?
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    ummm yeah. We don't have the numerical keys like older phones. Are you able to associate the numbers to letters without seeing the letters?
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    I do not knoe about op.. But I for one have sed t9 with predictive text fpr so long it would be an easier and better option for me than the qwert. I also have no need to look at hands as I've inadvertantly memorized the number to key correllation. Since switching I have lost at least forty wpm due to constant typo correction. Forgive any in this post. Replied on pre.
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    I couldn't wait to get rid of T9, of course coming from an LG Env and voyager this keyboard is tiny, but still better than T9 for me.
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    i actually love t9. I show'd a friend of mine the VK on my pre, and while she was impressed because she had never seen it before, she brought it to my attention how much easier it is to text with one hand with t9. She has some verzon touch screen phone, and t9 worked really well on its VK. I think the more options people have the more people will be satisfied with the offerings.
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    ok [I]maybe I should eplain myspelf a little better I love the vk in landscape but when your holding your phone vertical it would be cool to have a keypad like the phone app with t9 reason being the keys would be bigger therefore easier to text with, with one hand. Having t9 with a full keyboard now that I don't like. T9 + keypad for messaging= a whole lot easier with one hand.
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    I gotta agree with the op.. It would be nice to have T9 implemented. I find it way easy to use T9

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